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Epson Perfection 3170 Photo Installation with Ubuntu Linux 8.10

Tested on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (working). (2009-03-31)

Other Ubuntu versions are available as well.

  1. Be sure that the scanner is switched off and that the USB cable is disconnected from the pc.

  2. Open the webpage of the EPSON AVASYS Corporation
    - submit the form (choose Model: Perfection 3170 PHOTO, Distribution: Ubuntu, Distribution version: 8.10)
    - download the RPM packages (for gcc 3.4 or later), e.g. iscan-2.10.0-1.c2.i386.rpm and also download the plugin iscan-plugin-gt-9400-1.0.0-1.c2.i386.rpm.

  3. Optional: check the md5 sum of the iscan file
    cd $HOME/Desktop && md5sum iscan*

  4. Execute the following command in your terminal.
    sudo apt-get install libsane-extras

  5. Connect the USB cable of the scanner with the pc and switch the scanner on.

  6. Execute the following commands in your terminal.
    sudo apt-get install alien && cd $HOME/Desktop && sudo alien -d --scripts iscan*.rpm && sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite iscan*.deb && sudo perl -p -i.bak -e 's/epson\n/#epson\n/g' /etc/sane.d/dll.conf && xsane
  7. After the end of the installation XSane starts automatically.

    Optional: Instead of using xsane, a simpler application is iscan (EPSON) for scanning.

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Ian Reid