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MPlayer Fullscreen with Ubuntu Linux 5.10

Tested on Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Breezy Badger.

To permanently enable the fullscreen mode in MPlayer follow the first step. The additional steps are recommended.
  1. Open the file .mplayer/config and add the text with the yellow background.

    Option A: not tested, but should work
    echo "zoom=yes" >> $HOME/.mplayer/config

    Option B: In gedit add the text with the yellow background.
    gedit .mplayer/config
    # Write your default config options here!

  2. Enable the xv driver instead of the x11 driver in the .mplayer/gui.conf file.
    perl -p -i.bak -e 's|vo_driver = "x11"|vo_driver = "xv"|' .mplayer/gui.conf

  3. Disable the screensaver while viewing your video in the .mplayer/gui.conf file.
    perl -p -e 's|stopxscreensaver = "no"|stopxscreensaver = "yes"|' .mplayer/gui.conf

To view your video file only once with MPlayer in fullscreen mode use the following command line:
 mplayer -vo xv -fs -stop-xscreensaver -zoom videofilename.avi

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