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Save energy by spinning down HDDs, Ubuntu 14.04

Especially when using a fast SSD as the main harddisk, it makes sense to spin down a secondary (larger) harddisk which is seldom used.

First of all you have to know which drive is mapped to the /dev directory. E.g. you can use the program gparted to show you the relevant /dev drive.

To spin down a hard disk into standby mode use this command in the terminal application (in this case the drive is “sdb”):

sudo hdparm -y /dev/sdb

To start your computer with the secondary drive in standby mode just add the described command to the file /etc/rc.local.

In that file you can also define an automatic spin down time –  e.g.

hdparm -S 120 /dev/sdb

The parameter 120 is nonlinear, so experiment with the number until it fits your needs.


Further Reference

hdparm – Ubuntu manuals

Brother HL3040CN Installation, Ubuntu Linux 14.04, 14.10

  1. sudo mkdir /var/spool/lpd && sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6
  2. Download the printer driver files LPR printer driver (deb package) and the CUPSwrapper printer driver (deb package) from the Brother website:
  3. sudo dpkg -i --force-all hl3040cnlpr* && sudo dpkg -i --force-all hl3040cncups*
  4. Switch the printer on. It appears in the printers overview. However you might have to add a new printer– e.g. as a network printer.
  5. For the new added printer choose Provide PPD file as printer driver. Add the following file: /usr/share/cups/model/Brother/brother_hl3040cn_printer_en.ppd
  6. Optional: Delete the printer without the green check in the printer manager.

Reference: Solved: Brother HL-3040CN Won’t Print

Epson Perfection v500 Photo Installation, Ubuntu 12.04

Tested on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise Pangolin (working). (2012-08-02)

  1. Be sure that the scanner is switched off and that the USB cable is disconnected from the pc.
  2. Fill in the survey of the EPSON website
  3. Download the file iscan-data_1.13.0-1_all.deb
  4. Download the two deb files (32bit or 64bit) package [libltdl7] (for Ubuntu 8.10 or later) – iscan_2 and iscan-plugin.
  5. Install the three files:
    sudo dpkg -i iscan-data*.deb
    sudo dpkg -i iscan_2*.deb
    sudo dpkg -i iscan-plugin*.deb
  6. Connect the USB cable of the scanner with the pc and switch the scanner on.You can now start the scanning applications XSane or Image Scan!

Comment by Peter: (December 2012)
You need all three of these:
for Precise Pangolin 64bit.