Xubuntu 14.10 installation & customization

Note: This installation checklist is mainly chosen by personal preferences. It should give you an idea how an installation can be done in a fast and comfortable way.

  1. Choose the best server mirror for your installation files. The default mirror for your country might not be the fastest.
  2. Optional: correct standard directory locations.
    mkdir ~/Desktop (e.g. for the standard desktop location)
    nano ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs
  3. Install (great) additional applications.
    sudo apt-get install audacity audacious baobab boinc-manager chromium-browser dia eog gedit gnome-disk-utility gnome-terminal gparted gsmartcontrol gufw imagemagick inkscape k3b k3b-i18n kde-l10n-de kio-ftps krename krusader libreoffice libreoffice-style-sifr mc nautilus pdftk synaptic ttf-mscorefonts-installer unetbootin virtualbox vlc vym xsane
  4. Connect and install your printer.
  5. Remove unnecessary applications.
    sudo apt-get remove abiword blueman gmusicbrowser gnome-mines gnome-sudoku gnumeric mousepad orage pidgin ristretto xfce4-mailwatch-plugin xul-ext-ubufox zeitgeist
  6. Remove unused packages.
    sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove
  7. Set preferred applications.

Additional software

  • 0 A.D. – a free, open-source game of ancient warfare
    sudo apt-get install 0ad
    Website of 0 A.D.
  • Google Chrome
    Although closed source, Google Chrome is a good fallback browser – e.g. for live streams based on flash. Visit the website of Chrome for installation details.

Many more ideas can be found on this page:
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“Ubuntu Flavors 14.10 Officially Released” gives an overview of the latest Xubuntu changes.